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Research Groups

AKSYARA (Akuntansi Syariah)

KeRis DiMas AkSyara is a research and service group sharia accounting society pays attention to research and community enrichment related to sharia accounting, development of a wider field of Islamic accounting and application of science and Sharia Accounting in Sharia Institutions / Institutions Oriented to profit and non-profit as well as the islamic public sector.


Dr. Ahmad Roziq, S.E., M.M., Ak.


Dr. Whedy Prasetyo, S.E., M.SA., Ak,

Moch. Shulthoni, S.E, MSA., CSRS, CSRA

Ahmad Ahsin Kusuma M, S.E., M.Si

Eza Gusti Anugerah, S.E., M.S.A

Enable GPS(Environmental Accounting and Behavioural Finance in Governance ProfessionalServices)

This Keris was formed to develop science in the field of accounting sustainability and behavioural through research activities, and community service. Not only developing science, this dagger also applies science through practical efforts and professional service assistance. The hope is that the results of research and service to the community that keris ENABLE GPS can provide value and contribution to stakeholders.


Drs. Sudarno, M.Si., Ak, CA, CSRS, CSRA


Dr. Nining Ika Wahyuni, S.E. M.Sc, Ak.

Kartika, S.E., M.Sc, Ak.

Dewi Ayu Puspita, S.E, MSA, Ak.

Oktaviani Ari Wardhaningrum, S.E., M.Sc

FAIRNESS (Financial Accounting Research and Society Services)

Keris-Dimas FAIRNESS was formed as an effort to develop research and Community Service in the Field of Financial Accounting by Adjusting developments and current issues referring to the Research Master Plan and Community Service (RIPP) Jember University so that the results of this research can be contribute and value in scientific development for stakeholders. Scientific development in Keris-Dimas FAIRNESS is included in one of the flagship research category of the University of Jember which is classified as Social Humanities in Economics, Business and Creative Industries with a focus on accounting implementation finance in the field of Agroindustry. Research and community service programs at Keris-Dimas FAIRNESS will be carried out to achieve useful research outputs as a scientific development of financial accounting and also brings Benefit to the community as a form of link and match between partners industry and the world of work in line with the Jember University Strategic Plan 2020-2024 menuju Research and World Class University.


Dr. Yosefa Sayekti, S.E., M.Com.


Dr. Ririn Irmadariyani, M.Si., Ak.

Indah Purnamawati, S.E., M.Si., Ak

Aisa Tri Agustini, SE.M.Sc., CPA

GPS (Governance and Public Sector Accounting)

This research group was formed as an effort to develop tata research manage, taxation, public sector accounting, and government accounting, policy public by adjusting developments and current issues, so that research results this can contribute and value in scientific development for the stakeholders. In this case, Keris Dimas GPS also supports the development of Transparent and accountable research and service management system based on the principles of good governance, supporting the Research Master Plan and Jember University Service 2021-2025, as well as developing cooperation both National and International scale.


Dr. Hendrawan Santosa Putra, S.E., M.Si., Ak.


Taufik Kurrohman, S.E., M.SA, Ak. Ph.D

Andriana, S.E, M.Sc, Ak.

Resha Dwi Ayu Pangesti Mulyono, S.E., M.A., Ak.

Jember Auditing dan Assurance

The Jema Sura Research and Community Service Group is a keris dimas that focuses on the development of research and community service in the field of auditing and insurance that is oriented towards Good Corporate Governance.


Dr. Siti Maria Wardayati, M.Si, Ak.CA,CPA.


Drs. Wasito, M.Si., Ak.

Dr. Alfi Arif, SE., M.AK., Ak.

Septarina Prita Dania Sofianti, MSA, S.E., Ak,

Mas Briand (Abdimas Management Accounting, Tax System, Behavioral, RiskAssesment, and Digital)

Abdimas MAS BRIAND Research Group is a research group that conducts research activities in the field of accounting, especially in the field of management accounting, information, behavioral, risk assessment and digital systems. Researches aimed at solving problems that arise in society related to aspects of management accounting, information systems, behavior, risk assessment and digital in accounting. In addition to practical benefits, it is expected that the research results from. This Abdimas Research Group also contributed to the development of theoretical.


Prof. Dr. Alwan Sri Kustono, S.E, M.Si, Ak.


Dr. Wahyu Agus Winarno, S.E., M.Sc., Ak.

Rochman Effendi, S.E., M.Si., Ak.

Drs. Imam Mas'ud, M.M., Ak.

Nur Hisamuddin, S.E. M.SA, Ak, CA, CSRS

Shafa (Sharia Sustainable Finance and Accounting)

Shafa Research and Community Service Group is a keris dimas that focuses on the development of research and community service in the field of finance and sharia which is oriented towards sustainability


Dr. Agung Budi Sulistiyo, SE, MSi, Ak,


Bunga Maharani, S.E, M.SA,

Novi Wulandari W, S.E., M.Acc&Fin., Ak.

Bayu Aprillianto, S.E., M.Akun.

Dr. Muhammad Miqdad, S.E., M.M., Ak.