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Academic Calendar

Tuition Fee Payment and Student Registration

January, 2nd – February, 3rd 2023

Submission of Alternative Tuition Fee Payment

January, 2nd - 24th 2023

Submissions by Students                         

January, 2nd - 13th 2023

Approval by the Faculty                        

January, 16nd - 23th 2023

Approval by Vice Dean for Academic Affair               

January, 17nd - 24th 2023

Submission of College Leave by Students      

January, 2nd – February, 3rd 2023

Meeting Schedule and Program Subjects Studies at the Faculty/Postgraduate

January, 2nd - 6th 2023


Offer and Currency Change Lectures/Lecture Schedule Announcements Respectively each Study Program


January, 9th - 27th 2023


Guidance from Academic Supervisor and Programming          

February, 6th - 24th 2023

Students Studies Changes in Study Plans

February, 27th - March, 6th 2023

Cancellation of Study Plans                                  

March, 7th - 24th 2023

Lecture/Practicum Period                                      

February, 27th – June, 23th 2023

Completion of the Study and Questionnaire          

June, 1st - 30th 2023

Final Semester Examinations                                

June, 5th - 23th 2023

Entry of Course Grades by Lectures                     

June, 5th - 26th 2023

Deadline for Final Assignment/Thesis Grade Entries/Thesis/Dissertation for Tuition Fee Freedom

July, 31th 2023