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Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Favorite Groups in Business Plan Competition in Renewable Energy organized by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources UNDP Access Project

Student Achievement

Silver Medal Indonesia International IoT Olympiad (I3O) 2022

Student Achievement

Gold Medal International Youth Business Competition 2021


Number Name of Activity Organizer Acquistion Year Level Achievement
International National
1 Paper Researching Contest - Telkom Accounting Fair 2019 Telkom University 2019 Hopeful Champion 1
2 IMUN Online Conference 36.0 International Model United Nations 2020 Delegation
3 National Economic Accounting Competition muhammadiyah Surakarta university20202nd Place
4 APA Champ Case Study Competition IAI2020Semifinal Top 11
5 AIS Simulation Competition Malang State Polytechnic2020Top 10
6 National Economic Accounting Competition Muhammadiyah Surakarta University20202nd Place
7 Regional Accounting Conference (KRA) VII 2020 Malang State University2020Presenter
8 Libra National Essay Competition (LINE) 2020 University of Jember2020Finalis
9 National Video and Poster Competition Jember State Polytechnic2020Favorite Winner
10 Asia World Mun Virtual Conference Asia World Model United Nations2021Delegation
11 Global Millennial Model United Nations 6.0 Global Millennium MUN2021Delegation
12 International Model United Nations Campus Ambassador International Model United Nations2021Best of MUN
13 Asia Pacific Youth SDGs Summit 2021 United Nations2021Delegation
14 International Youth Business Competition November Tenth Institute of Technology20211st Place
15 Research Paper Competition On International Islamic Economics Competition 4.0 University of Darussalam Gontor20211st Place
16 Call for Paper Competition 2021 Accounting Week STIE YKPN Yogyakarta20213rd Place
17 National Accounting And Tax Olympiad (NATO) Bandung State Polytechnic2021Semifinal TOP 10
18ccounting Competition (ACCTION) Pancasila University2021Semifinal
19 Accounting Competition (ACE) Ciputra University2021Semifinal TOP 10
20 Accounting Festival Call For Paper Pekalongan University2021Semifinal Top 7
21 Bazzar Business Pitch 2021 November Tenth Institute of Technology20213rd Place
22 Call For Paper 5th National Seminar on Accounting, Finance and Economics (NSAFE) 2021 Malang State University2021Best Presenter
23 National Online Essay Competition (LEON) Season 2 EDVOSION 2021 Surabaya State University2021Finalis
24 Podcast Academic Competition (AC) Padjadjaran University20211st Place
25 Battle of Accounting 2k21 Jakarta Muhammadiyah University2021Semifinal TOP 6
26 Unram Accounting Competition (UAC) Mataram University2021Final Top 5
27 Accounting Olympiad 2021 IAIN Batusangkar2021 Semifinal Top 9
28 TAXCOMPAR Essay Contest 2021 by Tax Center University of Jember20212nd Place
29 ACCER IPB Podcast Contest 2021 Bogor Agricultural Institute2021 2nd Place
30 Ceer's Scientific Fair National KTI Competition 3 University of Jember20212nd Place
31 LKTI ACTIVE 2021 Surakarta State University2021 Finalis
32 LKTI ACTIVE 2021 Surakarta State University2021 2nd Place
33 Libra National Essay Competition (LINE) 2021 University of Jember20211st Place + Best Paper
34 National Economic Accounting Competition (NEAC) 2021 muhammadiyah Surakarta university2021Finalis
35 National Stock Case Competition Surabaya State University2021 Best Speaker
36 Paper Competition 2021 Great Accounting Community2021 1st Place
37 National Essay Contest STT Wastukancana Purwakarta2021 2nd Place
38 Video Competition GFES 2021 UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya2021 2nd Place
39 Essay Contest UIN Syarif Kasim Riau2021 2nd Place
40 Ceer's Scientific Fair National KTI Competition 3 University of Jember2021Hope Champion 1
41 5th Management Education Fair 2021 University of Jember2021 1st Place
42 National Business Plan Competition Sination Fac. University of Jember Agriculture2021Juara 2
43 Entrepreneurs Festival 2021 Malang State Polytechnic2021 Finalis
44 Management Debate Competition University of Jember2021 Finalis
45 5th Management Education Fair 2021 University of Jember2021 Finalis Debat
46 VIII National Symposium on Taxation & Call For Paper Trunojoyo Madura University2021Presenter
47 VIII National Symposium on Taxation & Call For Paper Trunojoyo Madura University2021Presenter
48 Indonesia International IoT Olympiad Holy Muria University2022 Silver Medal
49 Essay Contest Pekalongan University2022 2nd Place
50 Scientific Writing Competition Lamongan Islamic University2022 2nd Place
51 Village Empowerment and Development Program Innovation Competition Yogyakarta State University20223rd Place
52 Business Plan Competition Islamic University of Malang2022 1st place
53 Videography Competition DICTION IAI East Java Region2022 1st Place
54 NIEC Islamic Economics STEI SEBI2022 Best Presenter
55 National Accounting Essay Competition Good at Accounting2022 Best Presenter
56 Lombok Essay Competition Mataram University2022 Gold Medal
57 Essay Competition Economic Management Creative Semarang State University20221st Place
58 Essay Contest ITT Telkom Jakarta2022 1st Place
59 Essay Competition Accounting Indonesian Christian University2022 1st Place
60 National Business Plan Competition Poster Competition Mataram University20223rd Place
61 Libra National Essay Competition (LINE) University of Jember2022 2nd Place


Number Name of Activity Acquistion Year Level Achievement
International National
1Women's Singles Tennis, National Student Sports Week (POMNAS) XVI 2019 Jakarta2019 1st Place
2 National Accounting Video Challenge2020 2nd Place
3 Band Competition in the Field of Spectral Cultural Arts2021 1st Place
4 Law Cup 2021 Band Competition Category2021 2nd Place
5 LISMA CUP 20212021 1st Place
6 LISMA CUP 20212021 2nd Place
7 Videography Competition - IAI Muda Commissariat Jember2022 1st Place
8 National Pencak Silat Championship - Indonesian Central Organization Peak2022 1st Place
9 National Pencak Silat Championship -Magelang Championship 12022 1st Place